The Way to Achieve Your Goals

The Way to Achieve Your Goals

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If we would like to immerse ourselves in the adventure, then it shouldn’t be measured by us.

In comparing, it is too easy to become caught up. When I expected to complete the climbs I’d be disappointed I was not more powerful, and I’d forget to absorb the atmosphere of this planet’s biggest cycling race. Measuring is, after all, if we avoid the temptations of contrast and anticipation. We get frustrated if things do not improve if we attempt.

In advancing it is too easy to become caught up. It is like when we would like to be at the moment, instead of in our minds thinking about future or the past. It is like when we would like to explore or find, instead of getting to a destination. It is like when we want to appreciate and revel in it, and worked to attain a degree of functionality. My biking training is measured by me. I measure exercise intensity, strength, training anxiety, and my heart rate.

These times are when the objective is not the outcome and the encounter. We evaluate what the step is telling us with what it’s said us or with what organization’s or others actions are telling them. We get frustrated if we do not come out on top.

We quantify things because we would like to enhance them quicker and more straightforward than we otherwise could. Well-designed steps give us objective feedback about how close we are to our objectives and help us adjust our course by immediately telling us that affects work and which don’t.

In anticipating it is too easy to become caught up. The majority of the time measuring what we would like to achieve is quite helpful. However, there are occasions when are left unmeasured. You can measure virtually anything, should you choose the ideal strategy. However, there are some things. We anticipate a result such as attaining an expectation or want or hitting on an explicit goal or regular. We get frustrated if we do not understand the outcome we expected.

For the adventure, then do not measure it, if you would like to immerse yourself in an experience. Not everything we do needs to be about performing better. Some matters, at least, are just about enjoying, loving, being. So should be quantified.

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